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1752 Deed of the Nowell Family - Massachusetts/Maine Colony

1752 Deed of the Nowell Family - Massachusetts/Maine Colony


A very rare deed from the northern portion of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that is now known as the State of Maine. This deed is very small and completely handwritten in beautiful handwriting by Silas Nowell himself (1717-1776), who was a cordwainer and the seller of the land. In it are references to the original division of the land and the current share of the new divisions. The land in question, which is referred to as a forrest, was bequeathed to Silas by their father and Silas is now dividing that land into further parcels that are designated by numbers. This deed is for several parcels and are being sold to his brother Paul (1714 to at least 1760), a schoolteacher, for thirteen shillings and five pence. 

All of the witnesses to the deed are members of the family and include a Elizabeth Nutting and Captain Peter Nowell (1707-1775). Captain Nowell is listed as being at Fort Richmond in the late 1730's to the 1740's in accounting books of the Fort of Captain John Minot. Silas Nowell is also listed as a patron of the "Truckhouse' at the fort.

It is 6.25" x 7.5" in size.

This rare and unusual deed from colonial America in an area later known as the State of Maine is being offered with free domestic shipping. International buyers please use the international shipping feature in the shopping cart. 


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