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1777 Stolen Molasses - John Tripp - Massachusetts

1777 Stolen Molasses - John Tripp - Massachusetts


This is a small double-sided document relating the theft of barrels of molasses from 'the company' on  Acushnet Point in Acushnet, MA in 1777. The document is dated and is a joint document - with explanation - as to the offense and John Tripp's promise to the men of 'the company' that he .would pay for the molasses he stole on August 15, 1777. 

Jonathan Taber, John Howland, John Slocomb, and Wilson Towles were all soldiers in the Revolutionary War (some of these men were in the Rhode Island militia) and in 1777 there was a fear that the British would  sail in and attack the area around Acushnet (which is very close to Dartmouth, MA) so they were hiding and putting their supplies and goods into safe areas. it is possible that John Tripp stole this molasses from those supplies. It is an interesting document and is signed by at least two RW soldiers.

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