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1784 Land Deed Revolutionary War Soldier Signature-Antique Manuscript

1784 Land Deed Revolutionary War Soldier Signature-Antique Manuscript


This is an original land deed from August 12, 1784, only 11 months after the end of the Revolutionary War. There is some discoloration on the deed itself which looks like a matching pattern of early ink stains that occurred when the deed was folded in half.
It is for a piece of land in the town of Billerica (Middlesex County) Massachusetts and still has an intact paper covered seal by the name of the seller of the land.
The signer of this deed - James Bennet (Bennett) could either be James Bennet Sr (1727-1809) or his son James Bennet Jr (1758-1842). Mr. Bennett Sr was a large landowner in Woburn and Billerica with his son, James Jr. born in Woburn.
Both the father and the son were soldiers in the Revolutionary War and below are their military records:
James Bennet Sr: 
He was a soldier in the French and Indian war in 1759, serving in Captain Jonathan Butterfield's company at Crown Point, from April 12, to November 22. of that year. He was also a soldier in the revolutionary war, serving six days at the time of the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. as a private in Captain Joshua Walker's (Woburn) company, Colonel David Green's (second Middlesex county) regiment. He was next a member of Captain John Wood's (the captain being of Woburn) company, in Gerrish's and Baldwin's (Colonel Loammi Baldwin of Woburn) regiment, after May 1, 1775. He was also in this regiment as late as August 12, 1776, and may have served longer, his wages for 1776 being paid in an order dated Woburn, September 20, 1777. 

James Bennet Jr:
Bennet, James, Jr., Capt. John Wood's company, Col. Loammi Baldwin's regiment, receipt for bounty coat or its equivalent in money, dated Medford, Dec. 28, 1775. also, Private, Capt. Wood's company. Col. Baldwin's (26th) regiment, pay abstract for May 1776. also, list of men returned as belonging to the train band of the 3d company of Auburn, under Capt. Timothy Winn, taken May 13, 1775. list of men who lost articles at the evacuation of New York, Sept. 14, 1776. 
The two witnesses were also soldiers in the Revolutionary War and their military records are as follows:

Oliver Crosby : Billerica. Lieutenant, in command of a detachment from 3d Billerica CO., Col. Green's regiment, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, and was at Concord battle and afterward at Cambridge; service, 8 days. List of men belonging to militia of Billerica in camp at Cambridge, dated May 1, 1775, signed by Capt. Solomon Pollard. 

Simon Blanchard (1749-1831): is listed in the pension files as living in NH (where he died in 1831) and applying for a pension as a soldier in the Revolutionary War but since there was another very famous Simon Blanchard and his two sons (Luther and Calvin) who were from the Boxborough/Harvard, the military record for this Simon Blanchard needs to be researched further. His grandparents' name and vitals are:
John Blanchard (1677-1750) born: Billerica MA and married Mary Crosby (1680-1748) (connection to Oliver Crosby) in 1700.
Parents' names and vitals:
Simon Blanchard (1726-1796) and Rebeckah Sheldon married in 1746.Offered with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. International buyers please use the shipping feature in your shopping cart and pay through PayPal if you would like next day shipping.

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