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1791 Protest to Loss of Cargo - Stephen and Abraham Annis

1791 Protest to Loss of Cargo - Stephen and Abraham Annis


A 1791 protest and explanation of the loss of cargo by Stephen and Abraham Annis. Stephen was the Master of the Sloop Fox that was owned by his two brothers, Abraham and Nehemiah Annis. They lived in Wells in the County of York of Massachusetts (Maine did not become a state until March 15, 1820). Stephen attested to the fact that they had two passengers on board and on the said Friday, they were bound to Boston from Portsmouth. They were having problems with high seas that they could not carry sails and had to bring about 3000 pounds of lumber above board and lay it under a Balance main sail. The sloop began to leak(t) and could not free the sloop with a pump. They eventually had to clear the deck and tried to run for the shore at Cape Elizabeth that was 3 leagues distant. They then came upon a resounding gale and a storm of rain on Wednesday morning - the 14th day from Portsmouth. 

It sounds like they lost the cargo and this was their protest on how the cargo was lost.

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