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1784 Captain Henley Tax Document

1784 Captain Henley Tax Document


This document is a final decision on a tax on "a person under particular bonds for exiled articles previous to the present law". This letter is actually "An Attempt of State Warrant April 22, 1792" as stated on the outside of the single page and concerned 'Capt Henley'. Captain Henley of Charlestown, MA is - from my research - very possibly Captain Samuel Henley who was a captain in the 9th Regiment of the Continental Army and a brother of Colonel David Henley, a close and trusted companion of George Washington.  This letter is part of a set of tax warrants I bought that are from Charlestown, MA. There is one main Henley family from Charlestown, MA from that time period and this letter is releasing Captain Henley from the monies due 'from a previous law' (ie British law) that is no longer the law of the land. 

An interesting part of our early history. Information on the Henley family including the father of Capt Henley will be sent with the document.

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