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1795 Geography Compendium - Complete with Maps

1795 Geography Compendium - Complete with Maps


This is an original edition of this first edition of: 

'A compendious geographical dictionary containing, a concise description of the most remarkable places, ancient and modern, in Europe, Asia, Africa, & America, interspersed with historical anecdotes.To which are added, a chronological table from the creation to the present time; a monthly list of all the fixed fairs in England and Wales; and, a table of the coins of the various nations, and their values in English money.

It has all of its original 6 pull-out maps including one of the solar system. It is in excellent condition with some foxing on some of the pages and maps. To make this little book even more interesting, it has a portrait of a young man drawn in pencil on one of the blank back pages and has the name 'S Bemis' and the date 1802 also written in the book. The Bemis family of New England (New Hampshire and Massachusetts) were a prominant family with more than one important person on their family tree. Dr Samuel P Bemis (1793–1881), who may be this 'S Bemis', was a dentist and was also known for his amazing daguerreotypes. I have no further knowledge of the owner of this little book except to say that their signature was 'S Bemis' and this book was found in an old home in New Hampshire. It is 3.5" x 5.25" x 1.25" thick. 

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