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1795 August Hermann Francke's Magazine for Fatherless Children

1795 August Hermann Francke's Magazine for Fatherless Children


The 1795 First Edition of "Franckens Stiftungen. Eine Zeitschrift zum Besten vaterloser Kinder" which translates to  'The Francke Foundation; a Magazine for the Benefit of Fatherless Children' was edited by JC Schulze, GC Bonapp, and A Tiemeyer who were the director and co-directors of the Waisenhaus Halle, an orphanage in Halle, Germany.

It is a 1795 compilation of those (1792-1794) 'magazines' that 1792 to 1795 that were originally printed with blue coverings. These magazines were written for the amusement and religious teaching of young 'fatherless children'.

One of Francke's main tenants on religion and children can be seen in this admonishment to his teachers:

"Profane words and ridicule are absolutely not to be used with children, since they are more hurt than helped thereby. A teacher may not call them, out of impatience, oxen, asses, pigs, dogs, beasts, fools, scoundrels, swineherds, and so on, and still less children of the devil."

August Hermann Franke (1663-1711) was a Professor of Theology of Hebrew and Lecturer on the Bible who was a wandering persecuted pious man, and founder of the Pietists. German Methodists who are still a famed sect in that country and of the Waisenhaus at Halle (a huge orphan house built by charitable beggings of Franke). He was a reverend gentleman and very had a very mournful look to his face. 

This book was presented to the Emmaus Institute in 1837 by Dr John G Morris, a very important man in his day. The Emmaus Institute, in Middletown, PA, was a high school for boys. Dr Morris got his degree in dentistry from the Pennsylvania College in Gettysburg, PA and was also a Lutheran preacher who was very interested in Pietism and the early Protestant Church. You can read one of his books here:

The Franckens Stiftungen (Francke Foundation) still exits today and can be found here:

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