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1810 Daniel Coney Signed Personal Copy Congressional Documents

1810 Daniel Coney Signed Personal Copy Congressional Documents


This is Daniel Coney's personal copy of the 'Documents Accompanying The Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress at the Opening of The Third Session of The Eleventh Congress on December 3, 1810.

In this pamphlet that accompanied the message to the congress in 1810 is part of the story of the War of 1812, the continuing problems over the Louisiana Purchase, the annexation of West Florida, 'trouble on the high seas', and even a translation of a decree by Napoleon issued on March 23, 1810. Reading this pamphlet is an insight into what was going on around the world - as seen by the United States government in 1810. Daniel Coney has signed the pamphlet in the top right corner of the pamphlet and at least one other place on the interior pages.

Daniel Coney was born in Stoughton(now Sharon), MA in 1752 and died in Augusta, ME on January 21, 1842 at the age of 89 years. He was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War (military record below). He was also a medical doctor who later became a Probate Judge and was among the first overseers of Bowdoin College. He was elected as a representative and then as a senator to the Massachusetts General Council and a member of the Electoral College from Massachusetts ,who voted for George Washington to serve his second term as president.

Coney, Daniel, Shutesbury. 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Hophni King's co.. Col. Joseph Read's regt. ; list of officers who joined regiment at Roxbury' Camp about Dec. 10, 1775 ; also, 2d Lieutenant, same co. and regt. ; list of officers ; commissioned Jan. 30, 1776; also, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Zaccheus Crocker's 4th (Shutesbury) CO., 6th Hampshire Co. regt. ; list of officers of Mass. militia; ordered in Council May 7, 1776, that a commission be issued; reported commissioned May 7, 1776; also. Adjutant, Lieut. Col. Timothy Robinson's (Hampshire Co.) regt.; muster roll of field and staff officers dated Camp at Ticonderoga, Feb. 24, 1777; entered service Jan. 2, 1777; also, Capt. Zaccheus Crocker's co.. Col. Wright's (Hampshire Co.) regt.; engaged July 12, 1777; discharged July 29, 1777; service, 24 days, travel included; company marched to reinforce Northern army.

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