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1811 An Introduction to Botany - Priscilla Wakefield - 18th Century Author

1811 An Introduction to Botany - Priscilla Wakefield - 18th Century Author


This is the first American edition of Priscilla Wakefield's 'An Introduction to Botany: In a Series of Familiar Letters, with Illustrative Engravings'. There is also an illustrated appendix that includes a glossary of terms and a catalogue of the English names and Linnaean genera of the plants discussed in the book.

Priscilla Wakefield was born into an important Quaker family in London and was active in numerous Quaker causes that included women’s rights, the anti-slavery movement, and practical help for the poor. She became an author in the late 1700s when her husband lost his job and she had to take on the responsibility of supporting their family.

This book was written as letters between two sisters who were discussing the science of plants. The sisters, Felicia and Constance, 'wrote' not only of the science of plants but also of what to do when going out to observe plants in their native habitats. There are 11 plates and one fold out page with taxonomic information on the classification of plants.

This is just one of many books written by Priscilla Wakefield and is still interesting and easy to read today. A great gift for the budding botanist in the family!

The leather covering is complete and the red leather title is intact at the top of the spine.

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