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1814 Thanksgiving at the Defeat of Napoleon

1814 Thanksgiving at the Defeat of Napoleon


An interesting little pamphlet celebrating the defeat of Napoleon and the liberation of Europe and England. It's entire title is:

A Discourse delivered in Boston: at the solemn festival in commemoration of the goodness of God in delivering the Christian world from military despotism, by William Ellery Channing. June, 1814

In the prologue, the Reverend William Ellery Channing discusses the theft of a number of Bibles were shipped in the spring of 1813 for the supply of the British Colonists in Nova Scotia The vessel in which they were sent captured by an American privateer and Bibles were sold together with the rest of cargo. The American Missionary Society made good on the cost of the Bibles and they were delivered to their rightful owners. The praises and salutations given to the British and other forces of Europe to defeat Napoleon in interesting and great fun to read in this contemporaneous account of the war. 

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