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1814 Valuable Secrets in Arts and Trades - Extremely RARE and Important

1814 Valuable Secrets in Arts and Trades - Extremely RARE and Important


This is a very RARE and wonderful little book that holds the 'secrets' of daily life in the 18th and early 19th centuries. This is the first American edition of this book and it has on the title page this phrase "with the above five hundred valuable modern receipts; forming a great variety of useful articles, collected from the latest European publications". the author is listed as 'A Friend to American Manufactures' and was published by J. Norman in Boston, MA. 

Some of the listings in this book include: salt for hardening soft bones, an invisible ink, a fine red water for miniature painting, a very fine method for marbiling paper, Blanchard's varnish for air balloons, cold cement for cisterns and fountains, secret fire, silvering mirrors, to make a candle that will last long, and as shown in some of the pictures - how the paint finish known as 'Japanning' is made and in different colors. At the end there are several of the end pages that have writing on them and it looks like it is a listing or receipt on how to paint a picture. It also has several essays on rural and domestic economy, and a section on the manufacture of glass, among other essays and information.

The prcedures and recipes for all kinds of homemaking and manufacturing are ones that are unknown to most of us today in the 21st century (and in many cases are dangerous). Learning how to separate silver from copper by an alkaline sulphurete, ink htat you can rub off when you please, or how to make tortoiseshell out of bone are not things that we normally do today but were important 200 years ago.

These and many, many other secrets concerning all kinds of arts and manufacturing receipts (recipes) for important things necessary in 18th and early 19th century America can be found in this book.

A couple of the first pages are loose and so are the back end pages (those that are written on in pencil) and the spine has been rebound in leather at sometime in the past.

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