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1826 Boston American Daily Statesman Newspaper - Formation of Naval Academy

1826 Boston American Daily Statesman Newspaper - Formation of Naval Academy


This is an original edition of the Boston Daily American Statesman newspaper from January 26, 1826. It was a short-lived newspaper that was published in Boston, Massachusetts by True and Greene from 1825 to 1827. In it are articles about national politics and sessions of the 19th Congress that include at least two articles on the Judiciary Bill (or Judge's Bill) of 1825 that was to reduce the workload of the Supreme Court and give more power to the lower courts to hear cases. The disagreements and different opinions on this matter are interesting and can be read in this newspaper. There is an article on the Massachusetts lottery bill, a bill to incorporate the city of Cinncinnati, purchase of land in Tennessee, a scandalous murder, a bill introduced for a naval school that was first suggested by President John Quincy Adams who urged Congress to establish a Naval Academy "for the formation of scientific and accomplished officers". His proposal was not acted upon until 20 years later in 1845 with the establishment of the naval academy in Annapolis, MD. These and other articles both local and national give insight into our very young country that was 50 years old in 1826. There are also some wonderful advertisements including one for a Masonic Mirror and Symbolic Chart. 

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