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1828 Philadelphia Deed for Business on 'Relief Alley' in Today's Queen Village

1828 Philadelphia Deed for Business on 'Relief Alley' in Today's Queen Village

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This is a large vellum deed that contains the buying and selling of a plot of land that contains a townhouse and the accompanying 'accouterments' that go along with the property. The property was bought by Thomas and Margaret Napier in 1790 and then again in 1794 according to this indenture. In between those two dates there was a civil case involving what I think is the unlawful sub-letting of some of the land behind the townhouse. 
When Thomas Napier died, his wife inherited the property as if she was an 'unmarried woman' and the property was to go to her heirs but when she died, the property was heavily in debt so it was sold at auction to Robert Huckel and Richard Leich, both tailors, who may have decided to go into business together. It is possible that Richard Leich moved into the building because by the end of 1828, his brother Robert had a tavern where he used to have his tailor shop on 437 South 2nd Street according to the 1829 Desilver's Philadelphia Directory, and Strangers' Guide.
The property is listed as being on 'Relief Alley' and was bounded by 2nd Street and Front Street on the east and west; and Lombard and Cedar (today it is South Street) on the north and south. That area of Philadelphia is now called Queen Village and Relief Alley is now called Naudain Street.
All of its wax seals are intact and it is in excellent shape.
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