1828 Surveyor's Meetinghouse Sketch for Thomas Colley Attributed to James Brown


This is a surveyor's line drawing done for Thomas Colley, the mortgage holder (it states it is for a mortgage). It is a surveyor's plot drawing for a religious Meetinghouse.

Captain Thomas Colley was a ship's captain who lived in and sailed out of the port of St George, Maine on the St George Peninsula. Captain Colley married Mary Cook in 1801 and had their first child, Thomas, in 1801-1802.

Thomas Jr was a sailor and married Eliza Singer on January 11, 1825 and then died at sea in 1826. It is possible that Captain Colley wanted to build the Meetinghouse in memory of his son, or he just wanted to finance a new meetinghouse for the local congregation. Either way, it is interesting that he financed the meetinghouse just a couple of years after his son died at sea.

Throughout history, seafaring has been a very dangerous and deadly profession and in 1834 Captain Colley died in Venezuela near the Port of Maracaibo.

This drawing is attributed to James Brown of Maine who was a 'pioneer' in the early years of the state of Maine. He was an owner of rich timber forests, a lumber mill owner, a surveyor in northern Maine, and in his later years, an innkeeper. The survey drawing is 7.25" x 12".

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