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1830 CT/NJ Ogden Family Trust Agreement

1830 CT/NJ Ogden Family Trust Agreement


This is a trust agreement from 1830 that was the final dispersion of monies and securities from the estate of a Peter Hill to Mary Gouverneur Odgen and Alida Gouverneur (Ogden) Rood.  In the agreement, Alida gives all of her inheirtance to her sister Mary. This was a trust agreement among the cream of NY/NJ society with the Ogden family at the top of that high society.  

Peter Hill lived in NJ but worked in NYC and was a partner of Lewis Ogden. Lewis was brother to Rev Uzal Ogden Jr D.D. ( who was the father of Mary and Alita. Nicholas Gouverneur Ogden (their brother) was in partnership with John Jacob Astor Sr. and was involved in a lawsuit with Astor so this was a very wealthy family.

Mary (who never married) and Alita (her younger sister) were Mr Hill's only beneficiaries. The Ogden family history goes back to the founding of our country beginning with their ancestor John Ogden who was known as 'Pilgrim John'.


A well-written document, it has its original seal and ribbon at the top of the agreement.

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