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1836 Frontier Forts - Indian Tribes as 'Foreign Adversaries'

1836 Frontier Forts - Indian Tribes as 'Foreign Adversaries'


This report from The Committee on Military Affairs is about a proposal for a chain of forts on the 'western' (from the Canada line to Louisiana) with a road connecting them to keep out and deter the 'savage tribes' that border upon 'our' settlements. These 'savage tribes' include the Ioways (Iowa takes their name), the Kanzas (Kansas takes their name), and the Missourias (Missouri takes their name), along with 21 other tribes. The committee is asking to build more military posts along the this border with the names and information on those new forts (posts) they wish to build. Contrary to the belief that forts were established for and by fur traders, this document shows that the American government was definitly in the business of building military forts and posts to keep the Native Americans out of the US as it looked in 1836. Most of the pamphlet is still uncut as can be seen in one of the pictures included in this listing. There is foxing and some discoloration due to water damage on this pamphlet but it is complete and easy to read.

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