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1838 Chastity in a Course of Lectures to Young Men - RARE and Unusual

1838 Chastity in a Course of Lectures to Young Men - RARE and Unusual


The full title of this interesting little book is:

"Chastity in a Course of Lectures to Young Men; Intended Also for the Serious Consideration of Parents and Guardians."

It was written by the Rev Sylvester Graham and was intended to guide and protect young men as they reached the age where they are becoming interested in the opposite sex. Rev Graham does say that some will condem him for writing this book in which he attempts to teach young men about their responsibility to their future wives and how to conduct themselves before and during marriage.

He discusses everything from 'self-pollution' to proper conduct in a marriage, but his main focus and constant concern is on the act of 'self-pollution' of both boys and girls with several parts of this 'lecture' concentrated on boarding schools. He goes into the physiological and anatomical aspects of sex as something that needed to be shared with the young. Sex education in schools and for the young were important in the early 1800's according to Rev Graham and this rare little book is an interesting and eye-opening read. Boys and their parents were encouraged to read this book and follow its doctrines to attain a pure and healthy reproductive life.

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