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1839 Yankee Notions or the American Joe Miller pamphlet by Sam Slick Jr

1839 Yankee Notions or the American Joe Miller pamphlet by Sam Slick Jr


A rare little pamphlet called Yankee Notions, or the American Joe Miller that was published in London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh for the British public. This was a series that started in 1833 and was still being published n Britain into the late 1800's. This series was once very popular with stories and jokes that were written in broad American regional dialects and accents that were purported to be how the Americans spoke. The stories, which rarely put the Americans in a good light, were humorous to the British public but would probably not fare so well here in the United States. When read, this little pamphlet sounds like the British were still upset about our Revolution and the formation of the United States of America. The back cover is missing but otherwise this pamphlet is intact.
In the bibliographical note of the book  'American Humor: A study of the National Character' by Constance Rourke, she writes of this series:  
 "But in 1833 one of the comic almanacs pictured a tombstone bearing the legend, "Here lies Joe Miller"; and though the name survived, these famous little books--some of which Lincoln saw--contained thereafter an increasing bulk of humor that can be distinguished as American. They are now rare; a few of them have been seen for this study, and occasional others like the Nonpareil."
This is a rare and easy to read copy of an early 19th century series that was an unknown part of our history and that of our friends across 'the pond' until now.

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