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1840 - A Memoir of the Life and Character of the Late Joseph Parrish, M.D. at Me

1840 - A Memoir of the Life and Character of the Late Joseph Parrish, M.D. at Me


Dr Joseph Parrish was a Senior Vice President of The Medical Society of Philadelphia when he retired after a long and distinguished career in medicine and this is his memoir that was given by Dr George B Wood in front of the entire society on Oct 23, 1840. Dr Parrish was a Quaker and started his life as a hatter. In 1805 he graduated from the University of PA with his medical degree and then went right to work at a yellow fever hospital. He worked at Philadelphia Dispensary, then the Philadelphia Almshouse, and then at Pennsylvania Hospital where in 1816 he succeeded Dr. Physic as surgeon until his retirement in 1829..
He was an editor of the North American Medical and Surgical Journal. He wrote "Practical Observations on Strangulated Hernia and Some of the Diseases of the Urinary Organs" in 1805, and an appendix for the first American edition from the corrected London edition of Lawrence's "Treatise on Ruptures" in 1811.
According to Dr George Wood, who gave his memorial talk "perhaps no one was known more extensively in the city or had connected himself by a greater number of beneficent services to every ramification of society." 
This is an enlightening and interesting memoir read by Dr Parrish's colleague that is full of praise of Dr Parrish's distinguished career.

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