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1841 Message (State of the Union) from President John Tyler to Both Houses

1841 Message (State of the Union) from President John Tyler to Both Houses


This message or, as we call it now, the State of the Union Address was given on June 1, 1841 at the beginning of the 27th Congress, 1st Session to both Houses of Congress. President John Tyler, who gave this 'message' was not the person elected president in 1840 but was the running mate (and Vice-President to) President William Henry Harrison who died of pneumonia only 31 days into his presidency. Harrison was the last president elected who was born before the beginning of the Revolutionary War and was 68 years old when he died in office. 
The first two paragraphs of this Message to Congress discussed the bereavement of the country on the loss of President Harrison and alluded to the brief Constitutional Crisis that his death brought upon the country. Part of it was monetary brought about by the funds spent by Harrison to move his family from Ohio to Washington DC. Tyler asks the Congress to help replace these funds and then moves on to speak about foreign relations - which he says has not changed, the need to restrict each branch of government to its own functions, the problems with the debt, the need for a consistent and well-regulated form of paper money, the transference of monies from the Bank of the United States to several banks around the country, the selling of land to increase the government capital and numerous other topics that President Tyler considered to be important in the continuation of the United States as a vigorous and vibrant country.
An interesting look into the governing and politics of the United States in 1841. This is a personal copy of this message that would have been passed out to the senators of the US government and their staff. It was not a library copy and has one page that is still partially uncut. You can see the word [SENATE] in brackets at the top of the first page of the document that shows this was for a senator of the US government.

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