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1842 Seminole Indians and Captured Slaves - Congressional Message

1842 Seminole Indians and Captured Slaves - Congressional Message


This is an original pamphlet that was distributed to each member of the House of Representatives and their aides when it was read and presented to them on January 29, 1842. 
It's complete title is:

Seminole war -- slaves captured. Message from the President of the United States (Andrew Jackson), transmitting the information called for by a resolution of the House of Representatives of August 9, 1841, in relation to the origin of the Seminole War, of slaves captured, &c.

This was during the Second Seminole War that was waged from 12/23/1835 to 8/14/1842 and was the longest and most expensive of the 'Indian Wars'. There was no true 'Seminole' tribe in Florida but was made up of bands of other east coast tribes (Alabama, Choctaw, Creek, Yamasees, and Yuchis) that moved into Florida in the 1700's. The name 'Seminole' probably came from the Spanish in St Augustine who called the Alachua Creeks in that area ' Cimarrones' which meant 'runaway' or 'wild ones'.
The abstract for this pamphlet is:
'Sir : Conformably to the resolution of the House of Representatives re­questing the President to transmit to the House “ all evidences in his pos­session, not heretofore communicated, respecting the origin of the Seminole war, together with a list of all slaves captured during said war by the troops engaged in the service of the United States in Florida; the amount paid for the capture of such slaves, (if any,) and the manner in which said slaves have been disposed of since their capture,” I have the honor to state that all the evidence in the possession of this Department is embraced in the annexed reports of the Quartermaster General and the Commissioner
of Indian Affairs.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

The situation is referred to in the abstract with extra information on the selling of slaves to the Native Americans by the Spanish in Florida. There is also information on the slaves stolen from Southern plantation owners.
This is an original Congressional pamphlet, so quite rare.

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