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1845 Narrative of Facts & Circumstances - Secession from the Society of Friends

1845 Narrative of Facts & Circumstances - Secession from the Society of Friends


This is an original edition of the 1845 explanatory pamphlet concerning the secession of John Wilbur who was a minister of the Friends (Quakers), and future founder of the Wilburite sect of the society. In 1831, Wilbur, who was born in Rhode Island, made his first trip to England and found the beginnings of an Evangelical message in the Friends that he visited on this trip. There had already been a schism within the Society a few years earlier with concerning Elias Hicks who was disavowed for forming a new offshoot of Quakerism in England. 
When her returned to the United States, he noticed a similar move to a more Evangelical message in the American Society of Friends. He began to speak out about this change and was to be disavowed by his own group, the South Kingston Monthly Meeting, who backed him so the Meeting was eventually dissolved and the members were merged with the Greenwich Monthly Meeting who then disavowed Wilbur in 1843.  In 1845, there was a divide in the New England Society of Friends because of the unusual treatment of Wilbur and his supporters. The smaller of the two meetings, made up of about five hundred members, came to be called the "Wilburites" for their support of John Wilbur. 
This pamphlet discusses the situation and tries to come to terms with this schism in the Society. Most of the few available original copies of this pamphlet that can be found today are either in libraries or are library discards and do not have their original blank 'wrappers'. This first edition has its original wrappers and is not a library discard but is a personal first edition of this pamphlet.

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