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1849 Election - Lowell Daily Journal & Courier - Cholera - Zachery Taylor

1849 Election - Lowell Daily Journal & Courier - Cholera - Zachery Taylor


This is an original edition of the September 6, 1849 Lowell Daily Journal and Courier from Lowell, Massachusetts. in the summer of 1849, Boston was engulfed in a cholera epidemic that spread from England to the US via emigrant ships. There are headlines that scream 'Cholera!' and articles on the epidemic from that summer with a continuing listing of the people who died each day from the disease. Advertisements abound with 'cures' for all kinds of diseases including cholera with a huge ad on the top front page showing a large eagle holding a snake in its mouth that is resting on stones with the words 'Mrs. Kidder's Cordial' for cholera, dysentary and diarrhea'. Other advertisemenst include men's spring fashion. the lastest RR information, and a cure for falling hair among other ads.

There was also state and Congressional elections taking place with voting to start in just a few weeks and the sentiment looked to be high in Massachusetts and the surrounding states with the Whig Party, the Democratic Party, and the Free Soil Party all vying for seats. There is also an article titled "A moral and free democracy" that is several columns long and is quite an interesting read.

There are many more advertisments and articles in this small newspaper that was only in print - with the name - for a few years.

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