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1849 National Washington Monument Society Certificate

1849 National Washington Monument Society Certificate


This is a blank circa 1849 Washington Monument Society Certificate that has been mounted on a backing board many years ago. it is missing the left side border line but is otherwise complete. It has the pre-printed signatures of the president of the society (Zachary Taylor), the secretary (George Watterson) and the general agent (Elisha Wittlesey). Since it an unused certificate, the agent for this particular certificate has not signed the form. These rare certificates that were used to reward those who contributed to the fund to build the Obelisk that now stands in Washington D. C.

There are some issues with the certificate but it is at least 99% complete and with these certificates usually commanding at least $150-$200, this is priced with those issues in mind. It would still make a wonderful addition to your Washington collection.

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