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1853 Edward Everett Handwritten Letter as A Senator in the US Congress

1853 Edward Everett Handwritten Letter as A Senator in the US Congress

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This is a letter written and signed by Senator Edward Everett to Colonel Thomas Aspinwall who was being recalled from his post as Consul to the British government in London. Franklin Pierce who started his term as President in 1853. As with most presidents upon starting their term of office, Pierce decided that he wanted a new Consul (Ambassador) to England and Everett was tasked with informing Colonel Aspinwall that he was being recalled. Below is the letter:

My dear Colonel,

I duly received your letter of the 24 June on the 8 ult. - I felt confident at that time that you would not be removed from office. I regret to be obliged to state that this hope has since been disappointed. It isn't confidently asserted, though as to yet officially announced, that Mr George Saunders (Sanders) of Kentucky has received his commission as US Consul to London. I received the information from the assistant editor of the Washington "Union", who derived it from Saunders (Sanders) himself.

I cannot think that if the President had followed his inclination, he would have taken this step. I know that it is distasteful to the Secretary of State both on public and private grounds. It has been thought necessary by the President as a measure of conciliation toward "young America" of which Saunders is considered the leader.

I need to say how sincerely your friends will regret any inconvenience to yourself, which will result from the termination of the office which you have filled with so much honor to yourself and credit to the country. -In no other respect can your removal be regarded. It implies not the slightest reproach, and will I trust be the means of restoring you to us, to pass a long, honored, and tranquil age.

With kindest regards to your family, I remain as ever

Sincerely yours,

Edward Everett

The story continues past this letter because George Sanders (misspelled in the letter) was involved in the Young American Movement and was an editor for the 'Democratic Review'. He was awarded the position of Consul in London but did NOT get Senate approval so he had to be recalled. It is interesting that he has already gone to London and did not have to go through a Senate hearing like today. Nathaniel Hawthorne was then appointed by Pierce to replace Sanders.

Completely handwritten and signed by Everett this is a true and original letter.

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