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1859 Letter on General Butler's Speech in Manchester, New Hampshire

1859 Letter on General Butler's Speech in Manchester, New Hampshire


This is a one page letter written to a friend of the writer to please send him more money so he could continue to stay in Manchester, NH to see the speakers that were speaking there. He says to his friend 'Mr. Anderson' that his doctor has told him that he is recovering slowly and must take care but he had to travel from Lowell to Manchester to see 'Mr. Buttler of Lowell' and Mr Stevens (Honorable George Stevens of Lowell, MA) because 'politics are raging very hard we have meetings almost every night. Mr Buttler of Lowell speaks her Friday night and Mr Stevens tonight.' 
Mr Buttler of Lowell is in actuality Benjamin Butler who became General Benjamin Butler of the Union Army. He ran an unsuccessful campaign in 1859 for governor of Massachusetts as a pro-slavery, pro-tariff platform but later, as a general in the Union Army and beyond, became anti-slavery and later in life authored the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871 that allowed the government to act against hate groups. Benjamin Butler was a very interesting man and had a long and sometimes interesting career in politics.
I have to wonder what was said in these speeches in 1859 but whatever it was, the man who wrote this quick letter wanted to make sure he could stay in Manchester to see them.

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