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1860 Whip and Spur Newspaper - RARE

1860 Whip and Spur Newspaper - RARE


A  unique and very rare political newspaper that was a Democratic presidential campaign newspaper active during Presidential campaigns (1840, 1844, 1848, 1852, 1856, and 1860). It was published in Newport, NH with this edition being part of the last time this newspaper was printed. It is Volume 6, No. 2 dated September 1, 1860 and is decidelly anti-Lincoln.

The Whip & Spur, as a newspaper, is credited with being the first newspaper in the world to be illustrated. These illustrations consisted of political based cartoons that were pro-Democratic and anti-Whig or later anti-Republican. 

This newspaper was a pioneer in personally attacking political adversaries and opponents.

This is the only actual edition I have been able to find - for sale or in any university or college archive - of the 1860 election. A subscriber's list ad from the 1844 Presidential election sold at auction earlier this year for $290.00. This was not an edition of the actual newspaper and was for the James K. Polk election.d

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