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1862 Civil War - Prison-Life in a Tobacco Barn in Richmond, VA

1862 Civil War - Prison-Life in a Tobacco Barn in Richmond, VA


This is an First Edition of the 1862 'Prison-Life In The Tobacco Warehouse at Richmond, By A Ball's Bluff Prisoner' by Lieutenant William C. Harris.

The author of this rare book that is a first-hand account of life in a Confederate POW camp is Lieutenant William C. Harris, a First Lieut. in Colonel Baker's California Regiment (a Philadelphia regiment). This account details his capture after the Battle of Ball's Bluff and his subsequent imprisonment at Libby Prison in Richmond, VA. It has a list of the names of the other inmates at this, and other, POW prisons with remarks on their status or disposition in early 1862.

This is a true story that was written by Lieut. Harris on scraps of paper that were then hidden in his clothing and brought out of the prison when he was released.

This is a rare glimpse into the life of Union prisoners in the early years of the war.

It has some discoloration on the first few pages of the book but all pages are intact as is the tissue covering of the frontispiece engraving of the prison.

It is 5" x 7.5" x 1".

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