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Boston Morning Journal - 12/7/1864 - John Wilkes Booth

Boston Morning Journal - 12/7/1864 - John Wilkes Booth

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This is an original and complete Boston Morning Journal newspaper from December 7, 1864 in which there is a mention of 'Booth', or John Wilkes Booth, who will be playing Macbeth in one of the theaters of Boston. It is interesting to see mention of Booth in a small theater blurb probably around the time he was beginning to conspire to assassinate President Lincoln four months after this engagement. 
There are at least two mentions of Union soldiers who had either died in battle or died in the hospital with one mention directly above the mention of Booth's theater engagement. 
There is an advertisement for the local recruitment office for men to come in and get their 'full bounty' before the draft is enacted, an advertisement for the second edition of Sherman's war-map through Georgia and South Carolina, Murfreesboro and the 'war to the west', a rebel raid into West Virginia, and a very interesting article of the arrest of cotton speculators who were selling cotton to fund the Confederacy where in the last sentence it is stated that clothing and shoes were sent to the union prisoners of war in Mobile. This newspaper is full of not only very interesting articles on the war but lots of little tidbits of information on little known or under reported-facts.
There are lots of other articles and shipping news that would be great for someone who loves advertising from this time period.

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