Circa 1810 Angels and Man Drawings on Child's Handwriting Exercise

Circa 1810 Angels and Man Drawings on Child's Handwriting Exercise


An extremely RARE and wonderful piece of ephemera that is a child's handwriting exercise circa 1810 and found in Lancaster County, PA. I have dated this rare piece of ephemera by the picture of the man at the bottom of the page. It is of a man who is wearing a set of striped pantaloons, short waistcoat, and top hat. This 'costume' became popular in 1810  thanks to the Prince of Wales who was to rule during the Regency Period (1811-1820) in England. 

There are two angels - one on either side of the man - with the male angel to the left and the woman to the right.  There is also a tear that runs the entire width of the exercize paper but it looks to have been professionally repaired at some time in the past.

The wording in the exercise includes the sentences "Command you may your mind from play every hour in the day", "Fine running hand for writing love letters", and "Peculiar handwriting". There is also what looks like the word "Denmark" and some other strange lettering. Written in English on early watermarked paper, it is an amazing piece of early ephemera and is approximately 210 years old.

It is 8" x 12" in size.

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