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'Panic of 1819' - 1821 Providence Patriot Newspaper - January 1, 1821

'Panic of 1819' - 1821 Providence Patriot Newspaper - January 1, 1821


This is an original edition of the Providence Patriot from January 17, 1821 and it is full of Congressional doings from the last and current sessions. One big article is on the new bankruptcy law that was enacted because of the Panic of 1819 and the recession that followed that panic. There is an editorial on whether the Legislative Branch or the Judicial Branch of the government has the final say in governance of the country, the need for a reduction in the standing miltia during peace time, reparations to citizens due to problems with the Spanish, the difference between 'old' states and 'new' states, and many other important doings of the day.

There are also some good genealogical information with reported marriages and deaths of that time period, the tonnage and exports of the country, and information on banning dogs from running the streets in Savannah and the fear of hydrophobia (rabies). 

This 198 year old newspaper was sold as two separate sheets, is in excellent shape and is easy to read.

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