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1856 Council with The Sioux Indians-Native Americans

1856 Council with The Sioux Indians-Native Americans


This pamphlet is from 1856 and is titled: 'Council with the Sioux Indians at Fort Pierre. Message from the President of the United States.' It is a report of a five-day council held at Fort Pierre, N. T.  which is now the state of South Dakota. It was held in March 1856 and was between Brevet Brigadier General William S. Harney and representatives from nine bands of Sioux Indians. The general was to find and punish the Sioux for attacking a small US military detachment, otherwise known asthe Grattan Massacre. The Sioux were then tracked down and in the resulting retailiation against these bands of Native Americans, many Sioux were killed and more than 70 women and children were captured. 

This pamphlet relates this meeting or council to stop the bloodshed. Speechs of many of the chiefs of the Sioux tribes are included in this pamphlet.

Jefferson Davis was the Secretary of War for the United States at this time.

All original and easy to read, this is an unbound copy.

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