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Early 1800's Boarding House/Commercial  Ledger - New England - Brimstone

Early 1800's Boarding House/Commercial Ledger - New England - Brimstone


This is an early 1800's boarding house or commercial hotel ledger that runs from June 14, 1838 to December 1846. In it are entries for brimstone (sulpher powder), cinnamon, crackers, soda crackers, 1/2 of crockery (apparently sold by the pound and not the pattern), fine salt, molasses, raisins, codfish, and bison (?) tea. Some of the entries have the initials of the person who ordered, and paid for, the items with a clue to the owners in an interesting sentence that reads 'Mr Keith bought:' and the date of July 1843. Some of the initials are R. K(eith), S. K(eith), and E. K(eiith) so it looks like it was a family business in New England. I especially like the codfish entries in the ledger.

It is a small ledger and was probably not their main ledger but was a sort of notebook for use when inspecting and accepting purchases.

It is a great look at what our ancestors ate and cooked with right down to the brimstone (sulpher powder) used to repel and kill insects that is prominent in the ledger. 

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