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Civil War Connection - Circa 1800 'Calculations for Tradesmen' Notebook

Civil War Connection - Circa 1800 'Calculations for Tradesmen' Notebook


This is a circa 1800 workbook that could be titled 'Calculations for Tradesmen'. It was written by John Butlin Barby who was from Northamptonshire England and was probably his school notebook in mathmatics for tradesmen.

There is a note that I found with this notebook written by an eldery lady who is related to the young man who compiled the information in the notebook. He was her grandmother's relative. I am assuming that the Butlin and/or Lewis family immigrated from England in the early 1800's and brought this book as part of their family possessions. The most interesting thing in this book - and the reason I feel the family settled in NY - is an entry on one page that has the name William Hopgood (Hapgood in some spellings) who enlisted in the Union Army Company D, New York 6th Heavy Artillery Battalion on 12 Sep 1862, was mustered out on 31 Dec 1862 and transferred to Company M, New York 5th Heavy Artillery Regiment on 31 Dec 1862. He was promoted to Full Corporal on 18 Apr 1864 and mustered out on 26 Jun 1865 at Harper's Ferry, WV.

In this entry in this workbook, he - or someone - has added that he was stationed at the Maryland Heights on February 15, 1864 which was at Harper's Ferry, WV. 

Could this information been written in the book by Corporal Hapgood? Or a sweetheart? Or a family member?

That would be a wonderful journey through the ancestry of this family for someone who wants to learn all about John Butlin Barby, Grandmother Lewis, and William Hapgood. 

The notebook itself is circa 1800 (or earlier) with the interest, rebates, and discounts calculations are all in pounds sterling, shillings, and pence.These calculations and notes regarding simple interest, compound interest, rebates or discounts, and 'the rule of three are written in beautiful calligraphy and elegant handwriting. There are separate entries for different trades that include bricklayers, masons, joiners and carpenters, slaters and tilers, painters, glazers, and plumbers.

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