1804 NH Land Deed Revolutionary War Soldier Signature-Antique Manuscript

1804 NH Land Deed Revolutionary War Soldier Signature-Antique Manuscript


This is a deed for half of a thirty acre parcel of land that Sgt. Sherburn Sanborn sells to his first son, Moses Hoyt Sanborn (1783-1864). It is part of a parcel of land that was bought from Dr. Benjamin Page (first American doctor to experiment with and use the smallpox vaccine) and his wife Abigail. The wax seal on this deed is intact and in good shape. I also have a deed for sale that was signed by Dr Page posted for sale. 
Land deeds like this one are sometimes the only information available to us about life during the 18th and early 19th centuries. From this type of document, we learn where people lived, their status in life, the amount of land they owned, who their neighbors were, and the names of their wives and children. Many times a child or wife's name will appear in these deeds that has been omitted from the genealogical records of our ancestors. To find the true story of your ancestors, land deeds and other contemporaneous documents are the most important documents to use.
More information on Sherburn:
Sherburn was the son of Daniel Sanborn and Anna Tilton. He married Mary Hoyt and to their union was born 6 children, all born in Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire: Moses Hoyt Sanborn, John Hoyt Sanborn, Dorothy Sanborn, Nancy Sanborn, Lucretia Sanborn, and Simon Merrill Sanborn.

Sherburn was a soldier of the Revolutionary army, from Kensington, Rockingham, New Hampshire. In 1775, he was serving at Portsmouth, in company with Moses Sleeper, who later settled in Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire and Abram Hook, who settled on the Gilbert B. Dolloff farm in Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire. In 1777, he served in Rhode Island, and, in 1780, was in Colonel Bartlett's regiment at West Point. In one enlistment his occupation is given as a cordwainer. Sherburn removed to Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire about 1780, and built a log cabin, and to this humble home he brought his bride, Mary. Besides his household goods he brought a pig and cow, but the bears carried off his pig and nearly killed his cow. Some years later he built a frame house where he kept tavern. He removed to Chester, Rockingham, New Hampshire to care for his Father-in-law, and there died May 8 1836.

Sherburne Sanborn born June 10 1756 in Kensington married Molly daughter of Hoyt of South Hampton and Chester NH was born Jan 26 1764 Mr Sanborn was of Kensington, NH. He was a soldier of the Revolution serving at different times and in different organizations from 1775 to 1780 being in the latter year a sergeant in Capt Gordon's company enlisted for the West Point campaign. He was a pensioner in 1833 living in Merrimack County New Hampshire with his military pension dating from 1818. He died in Chester, NH May 8, 1836.

Ezekiel Godfrey was not only the Justice of the Peace for Rockingham County in 1804 but was also the State Senator for Rockingham in the NH State Legislature.