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Otsego Republican Newspaper - Cooperstown NY - Civil War - Black Troops

Otsego Republican Newspaper - Cooperstown NY - Civil War - Black Troops

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This is a rare and short lived Civl War era Otsego Republican from Cooperstown, NY that is dated June 6, 1863. It was the first paper published in Cherry Valley was The Otsego Republican in 1812, by Clark A Crandall.  In 1828 the name was changed to The Tocsin and then became the Otsego Republican again in 1831 when it was bought and then published by Messrs. RusseII & Davidson. Prior to the formation of the Republican party in 1854, it was a staunch supporter of the Whig party but in 1857 when it was bought by James L Hendryx and Jerome B Wood, it was named the Otsego Republican and Democrat (October 6, 1855-June 8, 1861). After Jerome B Wood left in late 1861, it was again named The Otsego Republican until its merged with the Otsego Farmer in 1911. 

In this edition there is an interesting set of corrections made by the subscriber with some words marked out on the front page and a starred correction at the bottom of the page that reads "The Five Golden Steps Down Satan's Staircase". There are also articles on how women were able to join the military during the Civil War (called 'A Romantic Story'), Suffering in the Mountains of Kentucky (about the mistreatment of the loyal population there by the rebel soldiers), conscription of Union troops, the work of Congress, the Copperheads and slavery, death reports and obituaries of soldiers that include how they died with a poem in one obituary and remarks on their lives as brave and loving men. There are numerous other articles on the war, politics, and local news in this rare newspaper.

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