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P B S Pinchback - The Sun March 16, 1875 - First African American Governor

P B S Pinchback - The Sun March 16, 1875 - First African American Governor


This is an original edition of The Sun newspaper of NYC from March 16, 1875. In it are several varied and interesting stories but the most interesting (in my opinion) is of Governor P.B.S. Pinchback who was the first African-American Governor in the United States. He was the Lt Governor but was then governor of Louisiana when the governor was suspended from office. To read more about Governor Pinchback please read more here: 

other stories include the election of the new Bellevue Hospital Board, Murders in Indian Territory, the suffering of a poor family, a fight between a newspaper editor and a member of the House of Delegates in VA, A Raid on Black Hill Miners, oil has been found at a farm in Warren, PA, a Confederate general - General NB Forrest says that southerners should start killing carpetbaggers and scaliwags because another war is coming, a man who bit off his own finger and didn't know it after leaving a bar, and the need for $500,000.00 to finish the Brooklyn Waterworks. These and many other odd, sad, important, unbelievable, and serious things happened back in the spring of 1875. An interesting paper that is easy to read.

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