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RARE 1713 Three Essays by William Whiston, MA - Anglican Church

RARE 1713 Three Essays by William Whiston, MA - Anglican Church


The full title of this 1713 book by William Whiston is:

'Three Essays, I. The Council of Nice Vindicated from The Athanasian Heresy II. A Collection of Ancient Monuments relating to The Trinity and incarnation, and to the History of the Fourth Century of the Church. III. The Liturgy of the Church of England Reduc'd Nearer to a Primitive Standard'

This 306 year old leather bound book is in very good shape for its age and was considered important enough that when the spine became to deteriorate, a piece of early fabric was used to stablize the book. It is - surprisingly enough - very easy to read even though it is in Old English with the 's' in the text looking like an 'f'. 

Just imagine the hands that opened it and the eyes that read it 306 years ago when we wern't even a country but a colony of England. Written and printed 63 years before our independence, this is a true treasure of colonial life.

It is very rare and was found in Lancaster County, PA.

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