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RARE 1844 Presidential Election Broadside from Uniontown, PA - Polk vs Clay

RARE 1844 Presidential Election Broadside from Uniontown, PA - Polk vs Clay


This is a very rare 1844 Presidential election broadside from Uniontown, PA. Broadsides were used in early America as we use TV and radio commercials today. This would have been slathered with paper glue or paste and then put up on doors, fences, poles, or anything that could show this 'advertisement' to as many people as possible. This is an unused broadside and is very rare. In it the Honorable Andrew Stewart, the editor of the Uniontown (PA) Democrat newspaper sets forth his thoughts and worries on the Presidential election of 1844 between James K. Polk and Henry Clay. In this broadside James K. Polk is introduced as a 'young and unknown man' who is at the head of the 'British System'.

As the broadside continues, one can tell that the Honorable Andrew Stewart is a Clay supporter and makes sure to contrast the two candidates in great detail. Imagine seeing these broadsides displayed about Uniontown, PA and trying to read this long and involved statement.

How wonderful is it to actually see one of these broadsides that were the CNN of their day? Men would have been paid, by the piece, to paste these broadsides all around the town and would have walked around with a paste bucket, brush, and a stack of these papers.

In most towns around the country, the 'other side' would come by to tear them down and replace them with their own broadsides.

An amazing and interesting piece of our early political history.

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