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The World 1-9-1865 - Humanity Returned to Prisoners

The World 1-9-1865 - Humanity Returned to Prisoners


This is an original The World newspaper from January 9, 1865 and it has several stories on the continuing war that include the continuing search for peace with the Confederate government, a plot to replace Sherman, rebel reports on how the war is progressing that are reprinted from Confederate newspapers, fears that Georgia would return to the Union, Confederate deserters, the losses at the Battle of Franklin, the increase in the number of men needed in the draft in NYC and the fact that no 'credits' would be allowed this time - all had to submit to the draft. 
Other articles include the Constitutional Amendment, the need for humane treatment of the returning Union prisoners-of-war, and many other interesting articles and stories in this newspaper from the last few months of the war.

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