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The World Newspaper 1/11/1865 - The Great Trunk Tragedy

The World Newspaper 1/11/1865 - The Great Trunk Tragedy


A very interesting article in this edition of The World newspaper from January 11, 1865 is the story of a Union Army soldier who was 'tired of the army' and wanted to desert, get the $1000 for 'jumping the bounty', move to Canada, and marry the woman he had been living with in Norfolk, VA. His plan was to have her place him in a travel trunk - with a tiny air hole - and then go to Baltimore where they would escape and go to Chicago. His plan backfired when he died of suffocation and Miss Maria Louisa Linder (his fiance) was charged with adding and abetting a desertion for which she was fined and spent two years in jail. It is a very interesting article along with all of the other news in the opening weeks of 1865. In NY, there is the 'New Broadway Railroad Scheme', investigations into NY City departments and the directing of the NY senators to vote for the constitutional amendment for emancipation. (General) Benjamin Butler and Abraham Lincoln have a 'slight' difference of opinion on celebrating the one year anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, petroleum and oil interests in the country, the 38th Congress and the vote on the anti-slavery amendment, the payment for the building of the USS Idaho (Union steam sloop) being constructed in NYC, and many other articles in the last few months of the Civil War.

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