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War of 1812 Soldier Signature on St George, Maine Land Deed - 1826

War of 1812 Soldier Signature on St George, Maine Land Deed - 1826


A land deed from 1826 in which Haunce Kelloch (yeoman) of St George, Maine is selling his land to George and David Boyd (labourers) for $600.00. He was selling half of a plot of land including 'half of the house and barn' standing on the land'.

Private Haunce Kelloch (1778-1866) of St George, Maine was in Foote's Regiment (5th Regiment) Massachusetts Militia in the War of 1812. During the War of 1812, Maine was still part of Massachusetts and did not become a state until March 15, 1820 so Haunce did not have to go down to Massachusetts to enlist to be in that militia. Haunce lived to be a very old man and died at the age of 88 years and lived long enough to see the first couple of years of the Civil War.

Haunce's father Matthew (mentioned in the deed) served in the Revolutionary War as both a soldier and a sailor. He served on the Frigate "Boston" commanded aby Capt. Samuel Tucker. In later pension records he declares "that while on board said frigate we took 11 of the armed vessels belonging to the British".

Geneological information on Haunce and his parents will be sent with the deed.

Land deeds like this one are sometimes the only information available to us about life during the 18th and early 19th centuries. From this type of document, we learn where people lived, their status in life, the amount of land they owned, who their neighbors were, and the names of their wives and children. Many times a child or wife's name will appear in these deeds that has been omitted from the genealogical records of our ancestors. To find the true story of your ancestors, land deeds and other contemporaneous documents are the most important documents to use.

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